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Learn the Lyrics to Diya

Writing a song always needs a starting point. What is it that you want to say? What do you feel about it? Can other people relate to it? Is it happy or sad? This is all up to you as it's your song. A song can have a verse which tells us something about the song and then the chorus will have different lyrics but it will repeat itself several times over. This helps the listener to remember what the song is about and join in everytime they hear the chorus. It really helps to repeat the important message so you and your listeners can remember and join in too. Have fun writing your own song.

Diya was written in about 30 minutes. I looked at different things that described Diwali and Diya's are very important as they are about light and candles and of course we are talking about the festival of lights! I sang the word to myself several times and a melody came to mind which I played about with on the piano. Experimenting on your keyboard, piano and of course your voice will help you plan out how your song should sound.

I then sang the song in to my phone. I also played around with the sounds on my piano. Dani then arranged the music to go with the lyrics and my melody and Jay, my teen then added some percussion sounds to give it some good rhythms. We hope you liked Diya. The song even got played on radio which is the first and will definitely not be the last time, fingers crossed. The more you experiment with song writing, the better you will get. Word play is great fun and rhyming words that don't work in speech can work very well in song. Have a go and send us what you have and we can show your amazing songs on our YouTube channel.

Have a great weekend.

Sunita & the Fun-Keys team

Diya lyrics
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