Frequently Asked Questions

Which piano should I buy?

Here are some models that we have tested. The Yamaha EZ220 is a good one to consider. Once you know  your child is interested in playing piano long term, it’s worth buying an upright with weighted keys which are more expensive. Digital Keyboards generally have much lighter keys than a normal piano and can be smaller. They may have a number of different instruments and sounds to experiment with. Keyboard stands can come as part of special offers. They can be quite flimsy and fragile, so check if they are sturdy or use a table instead. Here are several options. Do browse online as prices vary.

1. Yamaha EZ220. (the one we use in class)

This keyboard is quite sturdy. (The stand is not). It has lessons built in and the keys light up red so you can follow pre-set songs which is great when kids or adults are learning to play. It has an app that acts as a page turner for sheet music. Casio make similar models too so it's worth exploring what is available and try them out.

2. The Yamaha Clavinova range ( weighted keys - great sound)

These vary quite considerably so shop around and try them out. If you are considering taking up piano, one of these would be great and will last pretty much forever.

3. A less expensive option is Casio SA-46. (more for fun).

We love this one! You can put batteries in it and take it away for a weekend.

(An adapter is not included).  It has drum samples as well as fun songs and sounds.  We still like messing about with this keyboard - it's just too much fun!

Nursery Managers booking Fun-Keys

Option A. What is a group class? - We teach piano & music to groups of children of up to 25. The session lasts for 45 minutes. It is lead by a professional musician who will use fun games, musical exercises  and rhythm and pitch training for toddlers and pre-schoolers. We bring in a Yamaha EZ-220 Piano Keyboard and we use this in class. Fun-Keys will invoice the nursery at the end of each month. A group lessons costs the nursery  £48  for 45 minutes. This group lesson can also be used in conjunction with option C.

Once you have agreed to option A you will be eligible to receive musical display packs to use at your nursery at no charge.

Option B. How does it work? - Parents pay Fun-Keys directly and we teach 3 children for 25 minutes. We offer the nursery an initial 45 minutes piano demonstration / piano party to engage all the children in piano & musical exercises. We are also on hand to offer parents a Q&A session. 

Option C - When the nursery books piano classes for all of their children we teach a group of 3 children for 25 minutes. Each child receives a folder and weekly Funsheets and the nursery gets feedback about how the children progress in the lessons. This material can be added to each child individual learning journey. We will usually send in 1 teacher for the minimum of 1 hour. This is for 6 children. 2 hours would be for 12 children and so on. If more than 1 hour is booked we offer a 20% discount. 
We are able to start at 08.00AM up until lunchtime. We will work around the schedule that works best for you. If you book this option we will also provide you with a complimentary Christmas Party at the end of the year and for a small fee we can offer a pianist for your graduation days.

If you would like a workshop and a Q&A session for parents we can also provide this on a complimentary basis.

Once you have agreed to option C you will be eligible to receive musical display packs to use at your nursery at no charge.

Schools booking Fun-Keys

Option A. Booking a Piano & Music After-School Club - We teach piano & music to groups of children of up to 20. The session lasts for 60 minutes. It is lead by professional musicians and teachers who will use musical exercises  and rhythm and pitch training for children above 5 years old through to secondary school.  We bring in Yamaha EZ-220 Piano Keyboards and we use these in class. A term is 10 weeks. Classes are taught once per week in groups with one child per piano £14.50 per week per week. Lessons are divided into theory and piano. Fees include Funsheets and parents get to join our parents WhatsApp group with practise tips and great music clipsParents pay Fun-Keys directly. Sibling groups receive 10%. Parents are required to buy John Thompson's Easiest Piano Part 1, Maureen Cox Grade 1 Theory is Fun and a Manuscript book.

All our team are enhanced DBS checked and are trained in Pediatric First Aid training.

Option B. How does it work? - For private classes please refer to our list of fees. For group classes the cost is £87 for the first hour with a 20% discount if additional hours are booked.

There will be charge for late arrivals as at £9 per 15 minutes and invoices will be emailed directly to you. This is because our teachers have private classes that they need to attend to after the school sessions.



Private lessons cancellations policy

  1. Our teachers make every effort to improve the knowledge and ability of the students, but a student cannot be expected to improve unless he/she fully cooperates with the teacher and in particular adheres to the practice sessions as advised by him/her.

  2. Cancellation of class without at least 24 hour notice must be fully paid. 

  3. If the teacher is left waiting for the class to start for more than 15min. the lesson will be cancelled and considered as finished and fully paid.

  4. Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up after an agreement from both parties.

  5. Lessons may be suspended during holidays breaks between academic terms and during half term.

  6. Students who regularly cancel lessons will lose their time slot.

  7. The teacher have the right to dismiss a student if any of the following circumstances occur:

    1. Failure to pay tuition on time repeatedly

    2. Persistent absences

    3. Uncooperative attitude.