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Fun-Keys4Kids Online Piano & Music lessons


What we provide 


  • Zoom Live Online group and private lessons to school and nursery ages (2+): 

  • Interactive, fun and educational lessons including piano demonstration on camera, live music with professional musicians, on screen whiteboard and end of term online concerts

  • Realtime activities, engaging projects and interaction with classmates

  • Small group lessons of 10

  • Live Quizzes

  • Colour coded learning system 

  • Google Classroom with individually tailored materials

  • External Fun-Keys4Kids resources

  • Whatsapp parent support groups

  • Quality assured lessons with safeguarding and DBS checked teachers

  • Bring the joy of music into your home


Teaching policy

  • Fully DBS checked

  • 100% commitment and enthusiasm in every lesson 

  • A helpful, friendly attitude 

  • Punctuality 

  • A clear and fun setup - including toys, funsheets and piano demonstrations 

  • Help outside the classroom - teachers are able to send extra tips through WhatsApp 

  • Progress - teachers are able to monitor students progress through Google Classroom 


  1. Lessons are to be purchased following the following methods:

  2. Online lessons: Subscription based via

Classes are worked out pro-rata at 45 lessons a year including 7 weeks of holidays spread throughout the year.

  • Piano Toddlers 30min £10.75 £42p/m

  • Piano Children 45min £12.75 £49p/m

  • Theory Package 2 lessons per week 45min £19.75 £76p/m

  • Children Guitar 45 min £12.75 £49p/m

  • Discount for NHS workers 20%.

  • Discount for siblings 10%

  1. Classes at a school or nursery venue: 14 lessons per term. One off payment by

  2. Private lessons: 10 lessons pack. One of payment by bank transfer.

  3. Private classes Fees are to be paid via bank transfer before the first lesson starts.

  4. Fees cannot be refunded once the course has started.

Late payments
If a payment is late we will send you an invoice requesting payment. 
If after 14 days this has not been paid we will send you a second invoice giving you 30 days to make payment in full.
After this we are legally entitled to charge statutory interest on top of the original invoiced amount. 

The government defines statutory interest as being 8% plus the Bank of England (BoE) base rate.

For example: On the day we send out the second invoice, we will calculate the accrued interest.


If the client is 50 days late in paying your invoice of £1,000.

We take the BoE base rate as 0.5%, the calculation should be as follows:

8% of £1,000 = £80
0.5% of £1,000 = £5
£80+£5= £85 (this is the annual interest)
£85 divided by 365 days = 23p a day
50 days x 23p = £11.50 in interest

Your new invoice should say: £1,011.50

On top of charging statutory interest, we are also permitted to charge the customer a set sum for the cost of recovering the late payment. This is dependent on the value of the debt, and we will only charge this set sum once.   

If the invoice is not paid and fees are outstanding, we can then take action.

Under UK law, anyone who is owed money can make a statutory demand for the amount owing.

Once the debtor receives a statutory demand for money, they must either pay the amount within 21 days, or make an agreement with Fun-Keys about how they will pay.

We advice you to seek guidance from citizens advice bureau to find out more about your consumer rights.

Cancellation policy

  • Subscriptions won't be refunded under any circumstances unless agreed with Fun-Keys4Kids

  • All bookings require 2 weeks' notice of cancellations otherwise the normal session charge will apply

  • In order to maintain a booking, full session costs booked will apply if children are absent for holiday during  term-time

  • If children are absent due to illness or any other reason the full session charges will apply

Photo & Video consent

Fun-Keys may take photographs and videos of children enrolled at piano classes/clubs on a regular basis for business purposes. Fun-Keys retains all rights, title, and interest in these materials and may use and disseminate them in a variety of ways in its sole judgment.
We will take care that any use, display, or dissemination of photographs or videos of children is accomplished in a thoughtful, safe, and secure manner. These materials may be used to better communicate with families and illustrate the Fun-Keys curriculum, to chronicle a student’s development, or to document activities.

These may be shared by email, Whatsapp, the Fun-Keys website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 


By ticking our consent form on class4kids registration process,  you give permission to Fun-Keys to take photographs and videos of my child during his/her enrolment and to use these materials for its business purposes. This will be issued via email at the beginning of term.

Staying safe online

Fun-Keys4Kids will now offer piano and music lessons online that reflect our quality, personalised service as before with our new online platforms.  It’s important that we do so safely. Parents should be aware of the following to take part in our new online classes.

The same safety and behaviour rules apply.
Children should ensure they stick to the normal rules that apply in class around behaviour and conduct. 

  1. Use of the apps.
    Parents,  please remember that the use of Zoom, Google Classroom and any other online platforms should be appropriate and you are aware of how these work yourselves first.. All connections are encrypted. You should not record or take photos while in a session unless specifically asked to do so. The session is recorded by our system so we can share this with other learners and is reviewed for appropriate content.

  2. Dressed appropriately.
    It might be appropriate that face to face sessions are completed with parents and children using a webcam. While we are all going to be relaxing in our comfy pyjamas while doing our work, make sure that if you are using a webcam you are appropriately dressed.

  3. Where you are.
    When you are in sessions we won’t require you to have your webcam on. Try and remain in a quiet space so you can hear what’s going on in the session, but also so we don’t overhear any other things that go on in the background while you are at home. You can use the microphone to ask questions and participate in the learning if this is what you would like to do. If not, you can still use the chat function to ask any questions. REMEMBER: This session will be recorded for other students to access the learning so if you don’t want to participate then disable all functions when in the session.
    Where appropriate we will still try and deliver one-to-one support for the students and may want to use the webcam function. If you would like to do this, make sure that you are in a neutral setting so other viewers wouldn’t be able to identify any personal details or view any personal items.

  4. No-Bullying Zone.
    It is important for Fun-Keys4Kids to offer a safe online class. Fun-Keys4Kids will not allow any bullying during the sessions or when using the platforms privately. If you feel that you are being bullied online, through one of our platforms or any other social media platform then report this to your online teacher directly and this will be resolved.

  5. Here to help.
    We are still here to help you where we can. If there is anything you are worried about or need extra support you can still contact us. You can also access the WhatsApp Group for information, guidance and external support.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the ‘Staying Safe online document and agree to the terms stated. If I have any concerns about this document, I will make it known, in writing to

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