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How to play perfect 4ths & 5ths

Hi all

In pre-school piano, we have been practising how to find our perfect 4ths and perfects 5ths on the piano.

So starting on our note C, count that as 1 and then count up another 3 you will land on an F key. If you do the same and start on the C and count 5, you will land on the G key. If you play a C, then an F and then a G, you will hear that they sound quite lovely together. You can call these notes - perfect intervals. They sound really nice too and they will help you find your way around the piano. You can try this starting on any note if you count it as ! and then to you can find it's friends, the perfect 4ths and the perfect 5ths. Download our free bonus Funsheet. You can colour in the numbers and learn the letters and numbers too to help you learn the numbers of the intervals and also the names of the piano keys. Have fun practising and see you soon.

Sunita & the Fun-Keys team


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