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The Avengers - FINAL LESSON! (Intermediate / Advanced)

Hi guys!

This week was our last lesson on the Avengers. You have all done super well learning this song, it was a tough one!

🖐🏽Now that we have learnt the right hand & left hand, we have been focusing on recapping and putting them hands together.

Here is a quick recap of everything we have learnt so far:

❗Something that is different about this song is that both hands are in bass clef! Which means we will be very low down on the piano. (Below middle C)

❗We know the right and left hand share the same rhythm, so once you know the right hand, the left hand automatically becomes a lot easier!

❗Watch out for the flats in the key signature! We have Eb, and Bb.

❗A flat key is to the LEFT of the white notes (below) so first find E and B, and then find their flat keys!

❗We also have a natural symbol, which we see first in the 2nd bar! This means you do not play the flat! Just the normal note.

❗In the left hand, we are playing a repeated octave G (A lower G and higher G) for the majority of the piece, until we change to an octave E flat, and then an octave F.

❗Remember! We are switching from semiquaver to quaver constantly, which is what makes the rhythm so interesting. It constantly jumps from one to the other and it can be confusing to remember which one comes next, unless we break it down!

📺 The video attached this week goes through the left hand and shows how we play it with the right hand. Use this as practise from now on if you wish to play this song!

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team

👑 🎹 👑 🎹


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