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Tap & Match Game

Let's have some fun playing the Tap & Match game this week!

Exercises for fingers playing piano
Tap & Match Game

Playing piano is so much fun, we know! We play every day. To play piano you need to be able to use your fingers independently. This might sound easy and it time, it does become easy, if you do some finger exercises. So we have got a great Fun-Keys funsheet for you. It's called 'Tap and Match - Tommy Thumb.

Now this exercise for your right hand. Download the Funsheet and see if you can tap the correct finger and match it to the finger puppets shown. There are 5 to choose from, Tommy Thumb, Peter Pointer, Toby Tall, Ruby Ring and Baby Small. Can you sing the song with it too?

Try to tap each finger separately. Your fourth finger will always be a bit sleepy. Use your other hand and give this finger a little help. Think about your finger exercises like doing gym workouts. Do them a little every day and soon you will see that your fingers will be playing piano evenly and independently. This song Tommy Thumb really helps us with our finger exercises. Have fun with it!

Now for your bonus video, here is our '5 Finger Exercise.' Watch the video to see where your fingers go on the piano. Once you have done this, do a little practise every day until you can do it on your own. It always helps when you have someone to do the exercise with you and you can do that with me (Sunita) using the video.

Drop us a like and do let us know via the comments section on here or on YouTube and let us know how you are getting on.

You can always join us in our Zoom classes too, check out our website for more info on our lessons page.

See you soon and keep practising and have a great time playing piano.

Sunita, Jay, David, Dani and Lucy


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