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Preschool Piano - Row Your Boat! 🎶🛶

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great half-term!

This week in Preschool class we learnt a new song - Row, Row Row your Boat! 🛶

👂 Have a listen to the song on our YouTube channel!

👀 See if you can follow along using the worksheet below!

❗️What out for the third line - you'll need to use both High C and Low C!

🤔 The curvy line above some notes is called a tie. It means we tie these notes together, and only play them once!

On Desktop computer - Right Click on it and Save As...

On Mobile Device - Tap on it and keep it pressed. Download Image.

🎬 Watch the video and download and print the Song Sheet. As we make these vids to help kids and parents, please do take the time and press the LIKE BUTTON and drop us a comment on our YouTube page, it lets us know you want to see more content. Don't forget a few minutes of practice goes a long way😊

See you next time, and keep practicing! 👋


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