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Let's have one more song for Christmas!

We have had such a year! I know that 2020 has been a massive challenge for everyone and that is an understatement. People have lost friends and family, have lost their jobs and businesses and life for some will never be the same.

It is hard to know sometimes how to move forward and each of us in our own way do our best in the circumstances we have.

For us, as teachers, we have tried to do our best and keep spirits high in our Zoom classrooms. We know it's very different to face to face teaching. This is why we are always available on the end of the phone or Whats App when our kids and parents need some support when helping their kids with their lessons. We have also brought some more, I guess I would call it, some of our own personal music to you to show where your hard work and commitment will lead too.

So here is something that Lucy and I worked on over Christmas. Lucy has a stunning voice, and so she should being an amazing singer and actress. Enjoy her Christmas Melody. It was written especially for our students who are always our inspiration. (Let us know if you would like the sheet music to this).

We'll have one final Christmas song tomorrow to see 2020 out with and then we'll see you in 2021.

Bye for now

Sunita By liking our videos and commenting, you help us to bring your more content. Please help small businesses like ours to thrive in these difficult economic times. We will always pay it forward by bringing your more music that you have requested.


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