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Easy Piano - play Imagine!

Imagine playing Imagine!

This is one of Lucy's favorite songs and she is teaching our piano classes. This song was written and sung by John Lennon and it's words mean as much today as they did in the 1970's. Singing about peace and the world living as one was his message to the world. I hope you enjoy learning it and playing it on your piano too.

So we'll start with the a lovely colour coded sheet that Lucy has made. You can follow the colours or you can use the note names, why not try both.

Not only that, Lucy has made a great video to help you to play it too. See we think of everything! With all of our Zoom classes, you will get the benefit of videos and Fun music sheets too. Please do drop us a like on YouTube so we can continue to bring you bonus content. We are on most social media platforms so you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and we are trying our hand at TikTok too! This means you can keep in touch in lots of ways.

So here is our vid and our Music Funsheet. Let us know how you get on and have a lovely weekend.

Sunita, Jay, Lucy, Dani & David

The Fun-Keys team


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