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Coffin Dance - FINAL LESSON! (Beginners)

Hi guys!

🖐🏽 This week was our final lesson on Coffin Dance. We have recapped everything we've learnt on this song.

👍 Here are some points to remember about the piece!

❗When practising watch out for the sharps which crop up in the song.

❗In the key signature there are F#s, G#s and C#s which are ABOVE the notes, not below.

❗Watch out for the crotchet (1 beat) and quaver (1/2 beat) rhythms. It constantly jumps from one to the other and it can be confusing to remember which one comes next, unless we break it down!

❗We can call our quavers 'coffee' and crotchets 'tea' to help us find the beats!

❗A chord is made up of 3 or more notes - all of these notes are played together!

❗In Coffin Dance, there are 3 different chords that repeat.

The first is D major:

🎶D, F#, A

The second is E major:

🎶E, G#, B

And the third is F# Minor:

🎶C#, F#, A

📺Use the video below to help you practise these chords as your final recap.

You have all done so well with this song, congratulations! Remember, use the videos to help you keep practising - you could also consider performing the song in our concert later on in the year too!

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team

👑 🎹 👑 🎹

Here is the music sheet for you to recap the right hand.


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