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Chords & Melodies - what are they!

Hi all

We have been asked to re-upload this vid so it is easy for you to find.

This is a really simple explanation about the difference of chords and melodies demonstrated by young Jay. He has got a great understanding about playing piano because he has always just 'played' with the piano.

It's important to have fun with music and it makes it easy to learn that way no matter how old or young you are. Piano lessons or any lessons for that matter should not be a chore. If you have fun with whatever you learn, you will want to learn more. Follow our vids and if you need any help, you know where we are. Drop us a line in the comments. Don't forget to like the vid too. It helps small businesses and teachers like us to bring you new content.

Sunita, Jay, Dani, Lucy, David & Ollie.


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