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How to make a Maraca

Let's have some fun with rhythm at home and make our own Maracas.

Today, I suggest a fun and easy project for you to do with your little ones.

Let's learn how to make a MARACA!

A few pebbles are inserted into an emptied and washed bottle, jar or any container of your preference; insert a few pebbles, dried cereal, beans or rice; close the container and shake away so you hear the sounds you're creating. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your maraca! I put stickers on mine and wrote my name on it! Can't wait to see what you are going to come up with 🍭🎉 💡

Did you know the maraca is originally from Brazil? 🇧🇷 They were an oracle of the Tupinamba Indians and also of other Indian tribes such as Garifuna and Guarani. Last year I went to Brazil to play in a concert and was mesmerised with their musical talent. It's everywhere and where you least expect it: in the streets, at the beach, at the church or at the supermarket. They are an amazing nation with beautiful music to offer, truly blessed 🎶 Hav a wonderful time making music with your Maracas.😊

Take care, Ana 💕🎹

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