Learning the G Major Scale

October 12, 2017

Hello kids, mums and dads!😄


Last week we learnt how to play the C Major Scale 💚. Now get ready for the next one!

The G Major Scale💜!


🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹 


To start understanding what a scale is, we must know that each scale starts on the note represented by its name, and finishes in the same note but an octave higher (8 keys to the right of the keyboard). So on the C Major Scale, we start on C💚 and finish on C💚; on the G Major Scale, we start on G💜 and finish on G💜; on the D Major Scale, we start on D       ❤️ and finish on D ❤️; and it's the same with every scale. 

There are 2 differences on each scale.

  • Each scale start and finish on a different note.

  • Each scale follows a different path from the first note to the last (This is well exaplained on the video).

For example, for the  💚C Major Scale, we started on C and followed a straight path, playing only the white keys, until we got to the next C. 


This week we have the 💜G Major Scale. 
It starts on G💜, follows a straight path along the white keys almost until the end, where it crawls up to F#, or F sharp, instead of playing normal F, and finishes with G💜.
(A sharp note is the little black key on the right of a white key. So for example, the little blak key on the right of A, will be A#, and the little black key on the right of F, will be F#)


Follow the video to learn how to play 1 or 2 octaves with the correct fingers with Right and Left hands.


When you have practised enough with each hand - try to play it with both like Dani does! 😃

PS: Dani means 'Little BLACK KEY' on minute 3:51. Excuse his colourblindness 😇


🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹  🎹 


🎬  Watch Dani's clip and follow his tips. Then print the fun sheet provided below and practice at home! It's so easy and simple. 😇


Dani, Sunita, Jay, Ana, Rachael and Freddie

The Fun-Keys team


You can DOWNLOAD and print the Fun-sheet from here!
On Desktop computer - Right Click on it and Save As...

On Mobile Device - Tap on it and keep it pressed. Download Image.







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