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Piano Lessons - learn the musical alphabet.

Hello Fun-Key people! 🌞🌞🌞 Learning piano is amazing. It can seem a little bit baffling at the start! So whether you are a newbie or you need some practise remembering the names of your piano keys, stick with us we will guide you with some simple steps. 🐝 So let's start with our musical alphabet. It's so easy! It's A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. We shout stop at the end just to remind you there are no H, I, J or K's in music! 🐝 We have even made you a simple coloured code to get you started. Just press the corresponding piano key to the corresponding colour. Use your Fun-Keys Funsheet to show you where to start on the piano. Take a look below and match the letters to your piano keys. 💖 PINK = A



🍅 RED = D

💙 BLUE = E


💜 PURPLE = G 🐝 Watch Rachael show you on her piano. Practise a few minutes a day until you can remember the names of all your piano keys. 🐝 See you all soon with another clip to help you learn piano. Drop us a line if you need help or want to book a class at Have a great time practising. Love from Fun-Keys 💙🎹🎼♩

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