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Treble and Bass Clef Sight-reading (Intermediate / Advanced)

Hi guys!

🎶 This week we are combining all of our skills and looking at reading treble clef and bass clef together! Wow!

🤔 This means we are reading a double stave.

When you are sight-reading, start by looking at the treble clef (right hand and top line of the stave) and then the bass clef (left hand and bottom line of the stave)

👍 Use the guide at the top of the worksheet (colour coded too) to help you figure out each note!

❗Remember! Use the step by step process - is it a line or space? Which line or space is it on? Which letter is that?

🎹 Practise this song this week and try and aim to have both hands together! Challenge yourselves!

📺 Watch the video for a quick recap of the bass clef which we covered last week!

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team



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