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The Musical Alphabet & Tommy Thumb!

Hi everyone,

You will know by now that if you have attended any of our piano classes courses, we teach by colour, by number and by note name. We use these different techniques until our mini-musos are confident moving around the piano or keyboard.

So on our previous blogs you would have learnt that we apply coloured stickers to apply to the keys and each one also has a name. Please download this Funsheet below. You can also colour it in too:

Your stickers on the piano also have the same colours. See our previous video. Now take a look at the Tommy Thumb Numbers Funsheet. You can see the same colours but this time we also have numbers!

Using this sheet, you can use either colour or number. So the green key is also number 1. Can you spot that. The next green key is 8. I know it sound a little confusing but it will become clear when we explain Octaves (that means 8). Think of an Octopus! So try this, first play the colours first, now repeat the exercise and count the keys too. Get used to both ways. To recap, play all the keys and name the colour. Now play all the keys and use numbers 1-8. See if you can follow the song this week. You can use either colour or number. Have a go and let us know how you get on. Take care

Sunita, Jay, David, Lucy and Dani The Fun-Keys team


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