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The Avengers Theme Tune - Week 2 Intermediate and Advanced

🎹 This week we are looking at the Avengers theme tune again in class!

🖐🏽 Focus on the right hand still, as we are recapping what we learnt last week.

👍 Aim to practise the first 4 bars as best as you can, so we can begin learning the left hand to eventually put together!

❗When practising watch out for the flats which crop up in the song.

🤔 In the key signature there are Bbs, and Ebs which are BELOW the notes, not above.

❗There is also a natural symbol, which means you DON'T play the flat, you play the normal note.

👍 Watch the video below to help you practise & understand!

🎶 Attached below is the fun sheet again, in case you missed last weeks!

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team

👑 🎹 👑 🎹


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