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The Avengers Theme Tune - Intermediate and Advanced

Hey guys!

🦸‍♀️🦸This week we are learning how to play the Avengers main theme tune!

If you've seen the Avengers movies you'll how awesome they are, as well as the music! So let's learn to play it!

🖐🏽 🎹 This week we're going to be looking at the right hand of the theme.

❗Something that is different about this song is that both hands are in bass clef! Which means we will be very low down on the piano. (Below middle C)

👍We're going to be following the top stave for this!

❗Watch out for the flats in the key signature! We have Eb, and Bb.

🤔A flat key is to the LEFT of the white notes (below) so first find E and B, and then find their flat keys!

We also have a natural symbol, which we see first in the 2nd bar! This means you do not play the flat! Just the normal note.

🤳 Once you have had a look at the worksheet, use the video attached below to help you figure out the rhythm! Breaking it down is key - and once you do this you'll see how much it repeats!

Happy practising!

Lucy & the FunKeys team

👑 🎹 👑 🎹


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