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Spring Concerts!

What a week we have had!

🎵This week our Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes took part in our Spring Concert! We had an amazing time performing some songs we have learned in and out of class.

🎼 Last week we spent all class practising how to present ourselves for our concert, and how to make an interesting performance - this week you all proved how to do that extremely well!

We have had the joy of hearing songs we've learnt in class, original songs, and even improvised melodies!

🎹 It goes to show what hard work and perseverance can do!

Remember, certificates are now on google class room (link sent out privately) and don't forget to enter our Easter quiz! 🐣🐰

🎦Link below!

Happy Easter!

Lucy, and the FunKeys team! 🍄 🎼 🐰 🎹 🐣 🎵 🎸

A snippet from some of our concerts!

Well done everyone!


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