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Rhythm Sheets for Intermediate and Advanced

Hi parents and musical kids

🥁 Now you know more about beats and Rhythms, here is something for intermediate and advanced musicians.

✍🏽 Take a look at the Fab Funsheet that we have made especially for you. You are already know your note names. Can you remember the note values too?

🎶 A note value tells you if a note is long or short. Using these notes, you can make up some super cool rhythms to add to your songs that you might sing or play on your musical instrument.

▶️ If you need a little refresher, watch Dani's vid guide to Note values to remind you of the different note names and how long they sound! (Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest additional lessons too).

🤔 Do you remember the song 'We will Rock you' by Queen 👑 (it's about 42 years old)! See if you can make the same rhythms and let us know in our Zoom classes or on our YouTube page if that song uses long or short sounds - or if it is a mix of both. Have a go and let us know.

Knowing your musical notes and beats, will help you to grow in to a 'marvelous musician.'

See you soon

Sunita & the Fun-Keys team

* Don't forget to drop us a Like on our YouTube channel. It helps musicians like us to bring you bonus free content.


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