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Pre-School Piano - Dynamics

Hi Mini-Musos, Mums and Dads!

This week we're going to be learning all about DYNAMICS! 🤔

Dynamics is a fancy word that simply means how loud or quiet we're playing our music. 📣

The loudest dynamic is FORTISSIMO! 💥

The quietest dynamic is pianissimo! 🤫

Use the funsheet to see what animals might make loud and quiet sounds. 🐭

Watch our fantastic video that demonstrates how we can play loud and quiet on the keyboard. 📹

Then try playing a piece you already know, using different dynamics! 🎶

Let us know how you get on! 😃

Take care and stay safe,

David and the Fun-Keys Team

🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹


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