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Pre-school piano - Crotchets!

Hi mini-musos and mums and dads!

This week we're looking at the first musical note - the CROTCHET. You've probably played crotchets before without even realising it - so this should be an easy challenge for you!

📹 Playing in crotchets means playing one note per beat. Using Sunita's fantastic video below, along with this week's funsheet, you'll be able to play crotchets on any note you like!

🌈 Feel free to colour in the crotchets on this week's funsheet, so that they really stand out! 🌈

🥁 Start by practicing the rhythm - clap your hands to the beat, or march around the room - LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT - like the marching band on the funsheet.

Here's a special challenge for you:

How many crotchets are there on the funsheet? Can you find them all?

Have fun, and see you here again next week!

Take care!

David and the Fun-Keys Team

🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹


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