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Play Piano with Your Right Hand

Hi parents & mini-musos

🖐️ Learning about finger numbers will help you play the piano more easily.

🙂 For this week I've prepared some materials to really help with practise at home & have fun with your kids too!

▶️ I've also included a great video. Follow along with Dani. It really helps having a teacher to practise with. Doing a little and often will help your child's hands develop dexterity.

📚 Download our Funsheet. It's the perfect illustration to show you which fingers go on which keys if you were starting on the key C or 1 as shown below.

⏰ It takes a little time to play smoothly & especially with finger number 4. It's always a bit sleepy. In time, it will get stronger and move independently.

🎹 Next, see if your child can play the right keys, as shown with the correct fingers.

👍 Do send feedback via the comments section on YouTube so we know what new content to make for you.

🎉 Have a great weekend.

Sunita, David & the Fun-Keys team


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