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Our teachers play guitar.

Since we started piano in 2012, we have have been asked to teach other instruments. After saying no for many years, we thought why not!

So now we have some serious talent on the team. Meet Dani Zattara. I can't even tell you how many instruments he plays. Check out the Diwali cover. We are still counting. Now I know that talent like his rubs off on our students, our big musical family. I see how my own son can pick up any instrument and is at ease with it. There is no fear about giving it a go. This is what I want for our kids and adult learners. It's to be guided through and have fun on the journey.

So thank you Dani for bringing your love of music and talent to us. Enjoy Dani and his fantastic cover of Pink Floyd and come check out one of our classes sometime.


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