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Musical Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter everyone

🐣 David and Dani have brought you something very special this week. It's our very own musical Easter Egg Hunt.

🎦 There are 9 questions and clues in each video. Listen very carefully to each clue and click the answer that you think is the correct one.

💬 Add your answers in the comments section below each YouTube video (not on WhatsApp).

💰 Dani will then pick three winners for an Amazon gift voucher worth £5 so you can buy your very own Easter egg or put it towards something you like.

🍄 Have fun everyone and we hope you enjoy our very own Easter Egg Hunt. Keep an eye out for further musical quizzes on our Fun-Keys You Tube channel.

Happy Easter

Dani, Jay & Sunita

🍄 🎼 🐰 🎹 🐣 🎵 🎸


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