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This week we’re learning the left hand ✋ of Mission Impossible!

As mentioned previously, the left hand is very repetitive, and uses a motif which we have already learnt in the right hand.

It’s that same rhythm we learnt back in week 2.

It’s a crotchet, followed by a 1 and a half beat note, followed by two crotchets!

This is a bit trickier to understand as it is a syncopated rhythm, meaning it is not on the beat!

You’ll be able to practise this using the video tutorial, so when practising the rhythm, use this as a guide. This motif is repeated from the beginning 7 TIMES, (yes, really!) and then it changes.

There are two bars with a similar rhythm (we just hold the first note for a bit longer) but with different notes. Use the video to help you practise this!

Remember to recap all you have learnt last week about the left hand too. Happy Practising! Dani and the FunKeys team


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