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Little Bee Blues. Piano Word games!

Hi everyone

🐝This week we are looking at the 'Little Bee Blues.' This cool little song is great on a number of counts.

🎼 It helps you learn rhythms as it changes notes frequently whilst maintaining a crotchet rhythm. It has a simple blues scale and - it's made for a very specific reason!

❓Can you guess what it is? Keep reading to find out more....

📚 Check out the bonus Funsheets and download them. They'll give you clue. The 'Little Bee Blues' is a story based on words that can be played on the piano. What do you think the longest word you can play on the piano is ? Look at the sheet to reveal the answer. Next, use the musical score and play the whole song too! Can you make it sound bluesy! Change the words and come up with your own song.

🤳🏼 Watch our Vid to follow the 'Little Bee Blues' story. Play each word on the piano and then pull the whole thing together with the words.

Next week in our Zoom session, let us know what the biggest word that you found and see if you can play it too. (You can also let us know in the comments section on YouTube). We'll also play the melody - and the chords and pull the whole song together.

Have a fab week.

Sunita, Jay, Lucy, Dani & David The Fun-Keys team 🐝🎹🐝


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