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Pass your ABRSM Music Theory Exams with Flying Colours!

Hello to all music students wherever you are, who are about to take their ABRSM Grade 1 and Grade 2 Music Theory Exams.


🧑🏼‍🎤 I'm Dani from Fun-Keys & I teach music theory on Zoom on Mondays & Thursdays. We use fun, interactive games that help you to learn music theory.

🎼 For the exams, we are working through the ABRSM Grade books. See these two books here in the video. If you don't have them already, you can buy them from our website. Just follow the link to our SHOP page

📚 I suggest buying the Eric Taylor books such as the AB Guide to Music Theory. It's a bit of a heavy weight but is full of information. Another book, which is very simple is the Maureen Cox series. These are a firm favourite of Fun-Keys. We highly recommend these books. They have lots of fun quizzes and games. Follow the handy link Best of all they are reasonably priced at a few pounds. ❓Let's get back to our Grade 1 & Grade 2 books. You can see they are divided in to chapters. Some questions, you will notice, ask several things. It's vital to break each question down in to parts, so please spend some time reading them so you understand what is being asked. You can underline each different part of the question.

📖 RTQC! This is a super useful tip. It stands for READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY. Each question carries a certain number of marks & you want to get the maximum amount which is where RTQC comes in.

📝 Complete the book in pencil. Always use a ruler to draw notes that have stems. Keep a few rubbers handy & some note paper too.

🔢 Work through your book in order, without missing any sections out. You can jump only to the back of the book to learn Performance Directions. This will include some Italian terms. Watch out for a separate vid for this on our You Tube channel. HIT the notification bell and you'll get a notice telling you when it's out including our other ABRSM videos.

I🇮🇹 In the meantime, learn a few words a day, speak them out loud & see if you can talk to your family & friends using them! 'Pianissimo' is a great way of asking someone to speak really quietly!

🧑🏽‍🎓As you come to the end of your ABRSM books, after the Performance Directions, you will also see some General Exercises which are similar to exam papers. These are a great way to test your knowledge and to see the areas that might need further work. It's so much easier to complete one page a day at minimum, rather than try to cram in several chapters in one go.

💪🏽If you do study for a longer session, make sure you have some breaks too. Doing a little a day will build up your muscle memory. Remember that music theory is like learning a new language. Have fun with it!

🌈 Next week, I'll cover chapters in both books & give you tips on completing your ABRSM grade 1 and grade 2 books. If you have any questions, put them in the comments section on our YouTube page or our blog - so we can bring you the content that will help you pass with flying colours.

🏆 In music grades you will get scores that are based on a Pass, a Merit & a Distinction. Students who attend Fun-Keys music classes pass with a high number of Merits & Distinctions. Check out our Winners ABRSM video.

I hope you found this guide useful. I'll see you next week for more useful tips to pass your music theory grades with success.

See you soon.



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