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Faded - Concert performance song INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED

Hey guys!

This week we are learning how to play 'Faded' by Alan Walker to perform for our concert next week.

🎶 This is a simple tune which won't take long to pick up - which is why we are using it for our performance!

❗Remember - when practising for a concert, we want to choose a song that we know well, is easy for us to understand AND we enjoy playing!

👍 It doesn't have to be a hard piece or even finished! It needs to be something enjoyable - the audience doesn't want you to play a song that you don't enjoy.

🎹 Follow the tutorial for 'Faded' using the video I've created, and use the step-by-step process written below.

🎼 To play the right hand (treble clef) melody, follow the notes written below:

F# x3

A# x1

D# x3

C# x 1

A# x3

C# x 1

F x 3

D# x1

👍 Then repeat!

▪️ All the notes are crotchets (worth one beat)

To play the left hand (Bass clef) follow the notes written below:

D# x1

B x1

F# x1

C# x1

▪️ Once you have both of these you can try put the left hand and right hand together in the video! But only do this if you are super confident with both!

❗Also attached is a C scale worksheet which you can use to warmup before the concert.

Have a go!

See you next week! Remember, bring a song to perform and dress up if you wish!

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team



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