Faded - Concert performance song BEGINNERS

Hey guys!

This week we are learning how to play 'Faded' by Alan Walker to perform for our concert next week.

🎶 This is a simple tune which won't take long to pick up - which is why we are using it for our performance!

Remember - when practising for a concert, we want to choose a song that we know well, is easy for us to understand AND we enjoy playing!

👍 It doesn't have to be a hard piece or even finished! It needs to be something enjoyable - the audience doesn't want you to play a song that you don't enjoy.

🎹 Follow the tutorial for 'Faded' using the video I've created, and use the step-by-step process written below.

🎼 To play the right hand (treble clef) melody, follow the notes written below:

F# x3

A# x1

D# x3

C# x 1

A# x3

C# x 1

F x 3

D# x1

👍 Then repeat!

▪️ All the notes are crotchets (worth one beat)

❗Also attached is a C scale worksheet which you can use to warmup before the concert.

Have a go!

See you next week! Remember, bring a song to perform and dress up if you wish!

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team


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