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Coffin Dance - Left Hand (Beginners)

Hi guys!

🎹This week we are looking at the left hand of coffin dance!

🖐🏽In this lesson we will be learning about chords and how to play them.

❗A chord is made up of 3 or more notes - all of these notes are played together!

🤔In Coffin Dance, there are 3 different chords that repeat.

The first is D major:

🎶D, F#, A

The second is E major:

🎶E, G#, B

And the third is F# Minor:

🎶C#, F#, A

❗This is all going to be played in our LEFT HAND because we are in the bass clef!

👍Use the video to help you attached below.

Here are the worksheets to help that we have been using in class, including a chords breakdown and the music with the treble and bass clef on!

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team

👑 🎹 👑 🎹


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