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Beginners - improvisation around a D scale

Hi guys!

📚 This week we are continuing with Little Bee Blues but we are looking at using improvisation! This means improvising the notes over the top of the chords in the left hand! The sheet is attached for this.

🎼 D major has the notes:

D, E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D.

💡 Remember, when we play a sharp, we play the black key to the right of the note, as shown on the sheet! We have an F# and a C# in this particular scale!

📺 Use the video too with Dani to help you practise.

😆 We can improvise our own melody using ANY of the notes in this scale and in ANY order. It's totally your choice! See what you can create.

👍 Once you've created something, you can add it with your left hand and play along with the Little Bee Blues song.

Happy practising guys!



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