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Jack and Jill tutorial!

Hi everyone! Lucy here. 👍🏻

Today we're going to be learning how to play Jack and Jill, the classic nursery rhyme, on piano! 🎹

To start we need to find the red key. Can you find it? There it is. 🔴

The rhythm that we use repeats several times throughout the song! 🎶

Order of colours:

Red x 4

Purple x 4

Pink x 4



Red x 4,

Blue x 4,

Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Purple,

Have fun playing this tune! 🎼

Comment what other nursery rhymes you would like to hear. 🥳

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Want to learn online? We have an online teachable course out now for just £9.60 a month! Sign up here!

Lucy, Dani, Sunita and Jay 😁✨😎

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