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How To Colour Code your Piano!

Have some fun and colour code your piano keys.

I have used this with over 250 mini-musos from two years old and to adult beginners.

Learn a tried & tested method to learn the names of your piano keys.

This method will work with our Funsheets too. Drop us a line in the comments section if you want a free download.

* Hi, I'm Sunita and I tried this with my son when he was two and a half years old and have taught this to toddlers, childrens and grown ups who have gone on to learn how to play piano in classes all over London. It really works.

* You can start with coloured stickers. If you don't have any, cut some shapes out, colour them and stick them on to the piano. Each sticker represents a note. Try the colours I have used. You can also download sheets if you drop us a like and a comment too.

* If you don't have stickers, you can use non permanent felt tips and add a little coloured dot on each week so you children remember how to colour code their keyboard. Keep your wet wipes handy!

* Once your mini musos have practised this colour scheme with you, you can also add on your note names too. Hope this helps. Please drop us a message if you need help with more piano & music skills. We have lots of tips and loads of videos to help parents teach their little ones to play the piano and hey - you will learn some piano too if you follow these simple and tested tips from one parent to another.

Here is a link to the stickers we use! We recommend using the same!

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