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How to play Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Hi Friday Funksters! 😆 🎶

It's Lucy! This week we had a blast in class. Lots of our kids wanted to learn how to play 'Shape Of You' by Ed Sheeran - and that's exactly what we did.

I'm going to teach you how to play a super duper easy version. We'll start with the left hand chords at 0:40 - a chord is 2 OR MORE notes played at the same time.

For this song, the chords we play are:

⚫ C# and G# x 3

⚫ F# and C# x 3

⚫ A and E x 3

⚫ B and F# x 3

Play each chord 3 times using your thumb and 5th finger, then repeat.

Practise with me in the video once you've got it from 1:10! 👍

For the right hand, we are using the exact same syncopated rhythm, but with singular notes, not chords! The notes we play are:

⚫ C#, E, C# x 3

⚫ Eb, C#, B x 1

Practise with me from 2:30!

Make sure you play the correct rhythm (Listen at 3:20):

⚫ The first chord lands on beat 1.

⚫ The second chord lands INBETWEEN beat 2 and 3, which makes it syncopated! 🎵

⚫ The third chord lands on beat 4.

Once you've got both hands, try putting them together. The right hand plays an OCTAVE above the left hand. An octave is 8 notes.

⚫You can practise with me SLOWLY at 3:00.

⚫You can practise with me FASTER at 4:15.

Have fun with it and post your comments to let me know how you got on with it. Make it a weekend project! ☀ 🎹

Comment below any questions you have or other video requests! 👏 See you soon everyone and stay safe. 😄

Lucy, Jay, Dani and Sunita

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