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The Musical Alphabet: so fun and easy!

Hello parents and welcome back to our musical blog! 😃

This week we are practising the Musical Alphabet.

We are going to write the letters on the piano to make sure we remember the name of the keys at first sight. But make sure you use a non-permanent marker or you won't be able to rub it off! ✒️

To start with:

Remember our Musical Alphabet is A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Stop! The Musical Alphabet is only the first 7 letters of our normal alphabet. No more, no less.

🎹 Let's go to the left part of the piano and look for the first set of 2 black keys.

In a previous lesson we learned about the black keys on the keyboard: they come in a pattern of 2's and 3's. Now let's put this into practise. Use your marker to write the letters on your keyboard!

🎹 C is to the left of the two black keys, followed by D and E to its right.

🎹 Now, what comes after E? The answer is F, followed by G.

This is where our Musical Alphabet STOPS.

But we have good news for you! It starts all over again from A.

🎹 Now mark the next A, B, C, D, E, F, G and repeat until you fill the whole piano.

See if you can write the names of all the white keys on the piano! To help you understand it, here's a very cool clip where Sunita shows you how to do it.

Now that your Musical Alphabet is written on the piano, you won't have any trouble finding the right keys whenever you need to.

Now is your time to shine! Have lots of fun 🌞 Dani, Jay, Sunita, Prakash, Alex, Rachael, Ana and Holly and Phoebe

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