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Piano Geography

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to all our mini-musos graduating into Summer term 2017!

We have lots of exciting games to play, tunes to learn and songs to sing over the next fourteen weeks - who's ready? So this week we have our introduction to the PIANO!

Have a look with Holly as she explores all the different notes on the keyboard - there are two types of keys, can you remember them?



And the black keys appear along the piano in a special pattern...can you remember it?

2's and 3's... 2's and 3's... 2's and 3's... 2's and 3's

See if you can find all of the black keys on the piano and practice saying the 2's & 3's as you go!

See you next time mini-musos,

Sunita, Prakash, Jay, Dani, Rachael, Alex, Ana, Holly & Phoebe

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