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Little Bee Blues - With Holly & Phoebe

This week we are thrilled to say hello to little Phoebe as she makes her Fun-Keys debut!

We know that it's been the school holidays and we hope that you've all be out enjoying the sunshine - so we made it nice and easy for you this week! Lets have a re-cap of the Little Bee Blues! Sing along and see if you can play the notes on the piano as you go!

Phoebe loves to play and sing with the piano, can you see her toys all around it? Some of them make noises! See if you can shake your toys in time with the music!

Now, lets all have a nice relaxing bank holiday weekend and hope the weather is as lovely as last week!

Wishing you all the best from the Fun-keys team,

Sunita, Jay, Prakash, Ana, Rachael, Alex, Dani, Holly and Phoebe.

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