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What are you listening to today?

So as we are teaching our mini-musos scales and notes and chords - what are our music teachers listening too.

Well this morning, I have accounts to do, calls to make, take my son swimming and teach piano tonight, yes we working parents have a full day ahead! So - I am working through my task list with Chilled out beats to study to. Eases my workload and starts me on the right foot for the day.

What are you listening today?

Put on that coffee pot and brew some real coffee, make yourself a good cuppa tea or blend the smoothie to give yourself some tasty fuel. Give yourself a treat of some beautiful music and enjoy your day. I know how hard all you parent's work and this is our little musical 'Hey' to you!

Share your music with us too and check out our blog every week. We'll put a little something musical on for you.

Peace out


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