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Lean right - Look Sharp

Learning piano - begins with playing one note at a time. Build on simple steps and make a chord, learn chords and play music. Play music and the world of sound expands in front of you.

Black and White - keys are the road that we travel on around the piano. Learn the names and you de-code music. So all black and white keys have note names. The black keys have two names. Don't fret too much as each one is easy to learn. Check out this week's clip. Dani explains how to name them.

Spot the white keys that don't have a black key next to them! Let us know what you find.

Remember -

* Black keys to the right are SHARP - they sound a little higher in tone.

* Black keys to the left are FLAT - they sound a little lower in tone.

Did you spot the white keys that are different? They are E sharp and F flat and B sharp and C flat.

Have a look at this week's Funsheet to see what a sharp and flat looks like. Did you know that each of them has it's own symbol.

* A sharp looks like a hashtag #

* A flat looks like a little b

Download the sheet and put it on your piano. Then name all the sharps and flats. Practise a few minutes a day. You will find that you will learn all your note names and develop your ear training too.

Go well

Love from Fun-Keys

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