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Beginners Piano - The A class chord

Hi everybody!

We hope you had a great half term. Doesn't it just speed on by! 🎹 So let's continue with our musical journey and learn about the A scale and A chord.

🎵Last week we looked at how to construct a scale. If you play one key at a time, this is called a scale.

🎵For the A scale we start by finding A on the keyboard. A can be found two keys below middle C.

🎵If we play 7 more keys, we go up to the next A.

🎵Now let's play A, B, C#, D, E F#, G#, A. This is the A scale!

🎵Have you noticed that this week there are not two, but three funny symbols? 😊Remember these are called Sharp keys. They are the BLACK keys on the right of the C, F and G called C sharp, F sharp and G sharp. 🎬 Now watch Alex and see how he plays the A scale and the A chord! Can you tell the difference from the A chord and A scale 🎶🎶

For the chords please look at this week's Funsheet. The 3 notes stacked right next to the treble clef 🎼 form the A chord. Give it a go and play the chord. It can be tricky, but do not give up! Practise makes perfect

🎹 Oh and before we go, please let us remind you not to forget about last week's D and G chords! You'll need D, A and G chords to play our 'Little Bee Blue song.'

Have fun practising

Lots of love Fun-Keys 🎵💖🎹

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