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Beginners Piano - G Chord & Scale

Happy weekend all

Here is your weekly challange! Gorgeous 8 year old Jay, is teaching this week's online piano lesson - how to learn a G chord and a G scale.

The reason we made this video clip is that I hear so many parents say "I can't learn piano, it's too late for me" or "my kids hasn't got a musical ear" or "they can't sit still" or " they are too young!" No, no, no!

We disagree, dear parents and piano beginners, Jay started to jam on the piano when he was two and a half and didn't have formal lessons. He had fun playing the keys and enjoying the sounds it made. We played games and then learnt the notes. As he grew more interested, we taught him more so his interest gradually developed using his own sense of curiosity. Let me say that again...cur-i-os-ity! Now Jay just jams, plays by ear and reads music theory like it's fiction - because it's fun.

Before you say - 'well it was his parent's - they must have been musical' - I can tell you that I first started playing in my late 40's and am still loving it and learning more each day.

Fun-Keys now has more adult students learning with us as well as toddlers and infants - because we are break lessons in to simple parts and make them easy to learn. We all have been on the same journey as our students. We know that you and your kids can learn piano and music if we make it simple and easy to understand. So give this week's lesson a go with your kids. Once you get confident, ask them what they like doing on the piano and show you the sounds they like to make. Send us a clip we love to watch our mini-musos playing piano. Send us a clip of you guys too. We want to watch how you bloom! So have fun with the G Chord and follow our tips below. Subscribe to YouTube to get your free weekly piano lessons.

Love from Sunita, Jay, Prakash, Dani, Rachael, Ana and Alex

🎹 💜 💛 ❤

First let’s play a G Chord. These notes are played at the same time. You can practise with both your right hand and then your left hand too,

💜 💛


* 💜 Use your thumb on G

* 💛 Middle finger on B

* Pinky on D

Notes of the G Scale


G A B C D E F# G

*Remember that F# is the black key just to the right from F white key.

Play this with your right hand. Use your Peter Pointer and play one note at a time first. Then follow Jay's fingers, use fingers 1,2 and 3, then tuck your thumb under and use fingers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. (That way you won’t run out)!! Once you have practised both the chord and the melody, have a go at playing the G chord in the Left hand and the G scale in the right hand both at the same time.

Practise a few minutes a day to get your fingers right and to recognise the sound of the G chord and the G scale.

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