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Online Piano Lesson - Piano Hands

Hello Mums and Dads!

What a frosty week this has been! It's the perfect excuse for tea and cake in my book

This week we have been working on stretching our fingers. 🤚

Mr 1 - thumb

Mr 2 - forefinger

Mr 3 - middle finger

Mr 4 - ring finger

Mr 5 - pinky finger

We started with a closed hand and woke up one finger at a time by stretching them. Please repeat this exercise with your mini musos on both right and left hands. We had lots of fun doing this! Mr 4 and Mr 5 are hard to wake up, but hey... not to worry, practise makes perfect! 🤚

Have you been singing the Bees and the Blues song? How is it going? If you make a video of your children singing please do share. At Fun-Keys we love to hear from you parents.

If you are curious about Indian classical music, there's a really good concert coming up on the 13th Feb at the Royal Albert Hall. Check it out here:

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


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