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Pre-school Piano - Let's play Tommy Thumb

Hi Funksters

🙂 We hope you are having a fab half term. Here is a little bonus vid and Funsheet to practise to for you.

👍 We have been learning how to play Tommy Thumb on the piano. It's great to get your fingers moving.

🤔 Did you know that the nursery rhyme Tommy Thumb is taken from the title of the Tommy Thumb's Pretty Little Song Book. This book was published in London in 1744. It's a really old song and we are still singing it today.

🎹 It's really easy to learn on piano and is a great song to flex your fingers to.

🧏🏽 Listen to Lucy play Tommy Thumb then play it using your right hand starting on E which is the blue key and then follow all the coloured notes that are played. Can you now sing as you play the piano too?

With a few minutes of practise a day, you will get better and better and better and better!

Go well, Fun-Keys

🎵 👍 🎹 👍


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