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Let's learn about Rhythm!

So we are teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced piano Zoom classes and have had a lot of requests to learn pop music. Of course we are happy to oblige. It's great to hear what our students want to play.

To play a pop song, we need to make sure we get the rhythm just right so it has the right feel. The beats of the song need to fall in the right places. So here we need to put our theory heads on and learn about the different note values we use in music. It is much easier than it sound if you follow our simple Funsheets and watch our video below. For our beginners, please see the 'Beat Sheet' Funsheet below. It shows 4 notes in particular semibreves, crotchets, minims and quavers. Clap them first and then play them on the piano too.

Use this fab Funsheet to help identify the notes and their qualities practise along with our YouTube video to practise clapping too!

Now for you guys who are a little more advanced, here is something to get your teeth in to. This Funsheet has semi-quavers and dotted notes too. See the bottom row. So semiquavers are half the length of quavers. Don't worry, we will have a video out for this in the coming weeks so hit the notification bell so you know when it's out. Dotted notes, see the row below are basically a note and a half so they last one and a half times the duration. Our new clapping vids will be out soon and you can follow these along when you read the sheets.

Now let's clap along to the video with Holly as she guides you through four notes. Then play these on the piano too.

Drop us a line on the comments section of the YouTube page or on this blog. We love to hear from our Fun-Keys fans.

As usual, practise a little every day and let your music skills grow and blossom.

Take care and see you soon

Sunita, Jay, Lucy, Dani and David



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