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Learn about Guitar strings!

If you are learning guitar then this is a great place to start. So let's learn what the names of the strings are and how many there are. Take a look at the fab Funsheet that Dani has made. Lovely isn't it. He is our in-house artist and musician! * Guitars can have 6 strings, there are some that have more but our guitar in this Funsheet has 6. They are thinnest at the bottom with string number one and then thickest at the top with string number 6. * Each string has a name. Take a look below and also use the Funsheet. It might be a good idea to print it off so you use it when you play your guitar.

String 6: E

String 5: A

String 4: D

String 3: G

String 2: B String 1: E Dani has made any easy way to remember the names of the string/note names - 'Every Boy Gets Dinner At Eight.' You can make your own version up to remember them.

As you know, we love to make videos that you have asked for and here is Dani to explain more: Why not follow both the sheet and then watch the vid and play along with him until you have learnt all your string names. It always helps to have someone to practise with and it helps with muscle memory. Drop us a Like and Comment. It helps us to bring you new content and we appreciate the mention.

Take care and look out for our next video and Funsheet. Have a fab time playing guitar. See you soon.

Sunita, Jay, Dani, Lucy and David

Fun-Keys 4 Kids (and adults now)! Yaay!


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