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Diya - Piano Tutorial

Hi all

🎉Hope you had a fab Diwali and Saal Mubarak. Thanks for the people who got in touch that wanted the melody to this. You can now follow on the piano & if you'd like the music score, please find it below. You can try to make your own Diwali song. For this, think about all the things that Diwali means to you. Like me, you can write the things that make it special. I then recorded it in to my phone using the voice recorder. I sang the melody and then asked Dani to arrange it with the music I wanted and adding some Indian style instruments to get a flavour of world music. Try this at home. Making music at home is getting easier to do now. If you have a phone, laptop and some music software, then you are ready to go. There are free apps to help. Have fun making music that celebrates your culture.

🎃Now we have Halloween to plan. Our Diwali decorations are still up so it's going to be Diwaloween for us here!! Time for a new song and some pumpkin soup!

All the best, Sunita, Dani & Jay


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