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All About Guitars!

Ever wanted to know about guitars? Well now you can. Dani one of our fab Fun-Keys teachers explains what guitars are, how they work, what the different parts of them are called, how many strings they have and the different guitars you can play. Not just that, he has also made a fab Funsheet for you to download and print off too. Not only does he play piano, guitar, drums and hundreds of different instruments, he also makes the fab illustrations and videos to help you learn all about them. Follow him on YouTube to find out more. Send us your comments on the videos you like so we know what kind of content to make more of. We love hearing from our subscribers and connecting to our musical community.

We hope you enjoy the vid and the Funsheet. We had so many requests for this vid so we hope you are happy. Thanks for keeping in touch.

See you our next blog which comes out on the weekend.

Sunita, Jay, Dani, Lucy and David



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