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🏫 Wednesday Homework Club - 26th April 2023

👋 Welcome to our Wednesday Homework Club!

This week Dani's taught us some very useful tips on piano and guitar.

Watch Dani's homework club on today. You can get help with homework and also post your questions on the comments on our blog and we'll try and help you with your music practise.

So this week, we learn lots of new skills:

  • Blow The Man Down on piano 🎹

  • Arpeggios on piano 🎹

  • The Pentatonic Scale on guitar 🎸

  • Music Theory 1 & 3

If you want to learn an instrument text us to book a trial session.

✔️BOOK YOUR 20 min. TRIAL LESSON TODAY for only £5

Dani & Sunita 😀


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