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Treble Clef Sight-reading - Beginners

Hey guys!

So continuing what we learnt from last week in class - we are having a go at reading some treble clef music this week!

❗Remember! Our stave is made up of 5 lines and 4 spaces.

🤔 There are two rhymes that help us remember which notes go where on the stave - the first is:

▪️Every Good Boy Does Fine (On the line)

👍 Each word starts with the letter of the note on each line.

And the second is:

▪️F A C E (On the space)

🎶 We also need to look at the rhythm too!

✏️ We have some crotchets, minims, and semibreves. Use the video with Dani to help you play these rhythms when sight reading your music!

👍 Have fun and make sure to practise it more than once!

Lucy and the FunKeys team



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